Think Big!

While searching for a racecar sponsor, your feelings may range from frustration, to hopefulness, to happiness (when you’ve finally landed one). However, if you’re spinning your wheels, while others are racing around with impressive company names on their cars, you may also experience a twinge of envy. That’s understandable, particularly [...] Read more »

Make it About THEM, not YOU

When you’re searching for a racecar sponsor, every detail counts.  Everything, including your appearance, attitude, personality, proposal, and beyond, must make someone want to listen to what you’re saying. In fact, as is the case with commercials, direct-mail letters, or other sales materials, what you say in the first few [...] Read more »

Now You’re in Business(es)!

As we’ve established, it takes a lot of effort to find a racing sponsorship; and even more to maintain it. After all, as your sponsor’s partner, you’ll have to promote the business and bring in more customers, using those great ideas that you outlined in your proposal. Indeed, it takes [...] Read more »

Find Ways to Make a Splash

While finding a racecar sponsor is easier if you’re more well-known, getting notoriety without a sponsor is difficult.  Yes, it certainly is ironic.  Therefore, you must find ways to increase your visibility. For example, instead of waiting for someone to request your presence at, say, a grand opening, find out [...] Read more »