Find a Sponsor by Giving ‘em the Business

As you search for a racecar sponsor, no doubt, besides pinpointing promising prospects, you’re brainstorming ways of boosting their influx of customers.  Be aware, though, that some are interested in marketing only to other businesses; and these require a different approach. However, you can get their attention, while simultaneously giving [...] Read more »

Stop Spinning Your Wheels

Surely, you’ve heard countless times how important it is to write down your goals and keep a personal calendar to list and track your daily progress.  Whether or not you’ve ever done this before, if you really want to find a racecar sponsor, you have to do it now. One [...] Read more »

You Don’t Always Have to Finish First to Have a Winning Sponsorship

Many drivers worry that they’ll have trouble finding racecar sponsors if they don’t have winning records.  However, that’s not really a big issue. Unfortunately, though, some, who think that it’s vital, make the mistake of vowing to win virtually every race.  That’s the real turn-off, as prospective sponsors don’t know [...] Read more »

Don’t Limit Your List of Prospects

In your search for a sponsor, you’ve undoubtedly made, or are making, a list of prospects.  This is one of the most important parts of the process, which is an on-going project, as the possibilities are endless. Certainly, you’re also constantly thinking of new ways to increase business for your [...] Read more »

Don’t Reveal Too Much, Too Soon

When you’re searching for a racecar sponsor, there’s another reason why you shouldn’t present your proposal too soon.  At some point, you may meet a prospect who sounds very enthusiastic about partnering with you.  In fact, this person may immediately start talking about all of the great things you can [...] Read more »

You’ll Know When it’s Time to Propose

While networking can benefit virtually any businessperson, it’s actually one of the most important aspects of searching for a racecar sponsor.  That’s because it’s essential to acquaint yourself with others who can introduce you to potential partners. Remember, it’s almost always a total waste of time, energy, and resources to [...] Read more »

Shine Up Your Promotional Vehicle

When you’re looking for a racecar sponsor, everyone you contact will have many questions.  Therefore, you must always be prepared with a brochure that’s packed with vital information. This is an essential part of the thoroughly professional approach that’s required in this business.  In fact, it will show that you [...] Read more »