Check it Out – You May Find an “In”

When looking for a racecar sponsor, act as if you’re searching for a job.  After all, like any employers, your prospects will want to know why you think you’d be a good fit for them.

So, as is the case for anyone looking for employment, you should research all of the companies on your list.  Visit their websites, and take the time to read all about them.  Sure, some sites give only a menu of products or services; but others go into great detail.

Read their “About Us” pages, which often give the history of the company, and its owners/ founders.  Many websites also have pages of employee bios as well.  You can find some fascinating nuggets in some of this content, about affiliations, beliefs, mottos, etc.  Look for characteristics and common interests that you can use to connect with them.

For example, you might find that the company supports your favorite charity.  As we’ve mentioned, working with the same charities is a great way to establish a rapport with a potential sponsor.  Perhaps you’ll find that the owner, or a manager, has gone to the same school or church, belongs to the same club, or has the same hometown as you do.

Truly, this is an important step in your search; so don’t ever skip reading the website.  It will very likely present you with, at least, an ice-breaker.  Better yet, you may discover that you actually know someone who works there, who could be your “in.”  So check it out!

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