Don’t Have a One-Track Mind When Searching for a Sponsor

When you’re searching for a racecar sponsor, it can be difficult to know how much to request.  However, sometimes, especially when you’re new to the sport, it may be even harder to get any money at all!

Still, this shouldn’t discourage you.  In fact, it can actually help to know that people are often more likely to trade products/services than they are to write checks.

Luckily, however, you can pursue several sponsors at once.  So, keep shooting for monetary support; after all, you’re certain to receive it eventually.  In the meantime, make a list of products and services that will help you build your career.

Don’t limit yourself to automotive parts suppliers and garages, though.  Keep in mind that they’re at the top of every driver’s list, so they’re endlessly besieged with sponsorship queries.  Focus on other types of businesses, thinking of ways in which they can benefit every aspect of your endeavor.

For example, insurance agents are valuable partners, particularly for racecar drivers, who often need extra insurance.  When you’re traveling, you’ll also have lodging expenses, not only for yourself, but for your crew.  Therefore, you might want to target a regional motel chain.

You’ll also have to pay for food when you’re on the road; so find someone who can ease that burden.  Photographers and printers can be of great assistance, too, as you’ll need pictures and promotional literature.  Sports clothing stores can be good possibilities as well.

Truly, there are tons of businesses out there that can serve your needs well.  Just be creative, and remember that, when looking for a sponsor, you can’t have a one-track mind.

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