Don’t Let Your Sponsor Feel Buyer’s Remorse

Buyers Remorse

We’ve said it before; but it can’t be over-emphasized, so we’ll say it again.  You cannot expect anyone to simply fund your career.  If and when someone gives you money – or anything else – to enable you to race, you’re going to have to come up big in return.

Your main focus will always be on finding ways to benefit your sponsor’s business. These will be detailed in your proposal, which must be well thought-out and professionally written.  Never forget that you’re trying to sell a product (yourself!).

So, think about what goes through your mind when you’re considering a major purchase, such as a house or a car, or even a big-screen TV.  You’re picturing yourself on top of the world, with a great sense of satisfaction, knowing that whatever you paid was well worth it.

So, it’s up to you to inspire those feelings in the person who decides to partner with you.  Show your sponsor that you weren’t just making a bunch of “campaign promises.”  Follow through with all of your plans.  Then, show that you want to go above and beyond, by asking what else you can be doing to promote the business.

What’s more, after awhile, come out and ask if things are turning out as well as expected.  Find out what you’re doing right, and wrong, so that you can make adjustments before it’s too late.  Don’t wait until the end of the season to find out whether or not you’re making your sponsor happy.

Remember, your goal is to see that your sponsor never ends up with buyer’s remorse!

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