How to Rally Your Cheering Section

Racing Fans

While your profile is key to attracting racing sponsors, it’s also essential to building your fan base.  To get the most mileage out of it, however, you must show your genuine personality, so that people can get to know the real you.

Don’t manufacture an image that you think will sell.  A common error, usually made in an attempt to emulate an already-established racing celebrity, it’s almost certain to backfire.  After all, that role has already been filled – spectacularly – so you’d only be putting yourself in someone else’s shadow.

Remember, racing fans have widely varied interests, and they want to identify with you likewise, as a multi-faceted person.  So, include your hobbies in your profile, whether you like to hunt, fish, cook, crochet, watch birds, read, raise chickens, build model airplanes, or anything else.

Don’t be afraid to show your quirks, either; they may be among your most endearing characteristics.  Who knows?  One of your eccentricities may turn out to be just the thing that wins you a whole group of fans – or flags down the right sponsor!

Of course, you must always be professional and positive; but, above all, be yourself.  That’s absolutely essential, especially in this era of social media, when people can easily uncover the truth.

Therefore, to get your career started on the right track, don’t invent a false, new personality, or be an also-ran, by copying someone else’s.  Sure, everyone wants a distinguished nickname; but you definitely don’t want to be known as The Imitator!

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