Jump-Start Your Prospect’s Interest in Racing

Race Pits

Because looking for a racecar sponsor involves selling yourself, like any good salesperson, you must be able to overcome any objections that business owners might have.

Of course, you’re probably used to dealing with prospects who doubt that it’s financially prudent.  But what do you do if someone’s not even interested in racing?  You’re bound to run into a few of these.  After all, many non-car-oriented businesses can make great partners; so show their owners how beneficial a sponsorship can be.

Start by pointing out that many of their customers – and employees – are racing fans.  Remind them that it’s a fast-growing sport, with an ever-increasing fan base that includes almost as many women as men.

To further stoke someone’s interest, get him/her caught up in the excitement of racing.  Take the prospect, and, perhaps, an associate, spouse, or employee, on a grand tour of the speedway.  Give him/her the full VIP treatment, with pit passes, and, if possible, an announcement welcoming your special guest.

Also remind your prospect that many potential or existing customers or clients are racing fans that would probably love an afternoon at the track.  Mention that sponsorships are also known to improve employee morale and loyalty.  For example, a wall displaying pictures of your car and crew, along with polo shirts with your racing logo on them for the workers, can inspire a real team spirit among them.

Your sponsor can also hold employee-of-the-month contests, for chances to win tickets to the track.  This will be a great motivator, as racing events are fun outings for employees and their families.

Just put your imagination to work, and you’ll find many ways to jump-start a prospect’s interest in a racing sponsorship.

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