Keep the Spark in Your Sponsorship Search

Racecar Sparks

When you first begin looking for a racecar sponsor, you may be enthusiastic and hopeful.  However, if your search goes on for awhile, and you have no luck, it can be quite disheartening.  Although this is understandable, you can’t let it get you down.

Truly, your passion is one of your most potent weapons when talking to a potential sponsor.  What’s more, it’s contagious.  Someone who sees and feels your excitement about, and devotion to, your racing career will be more inclined to help you achieve your dream, and to want to be a part of it.

This is especially true if the person you’re targeting is used to getting approached by others who simply rattle off statistics or brag about themselves.  Actually, boasting is one of the biggest turn-offs to a prospect; yet many racers do it routinely.  In fact, there are several other things that most drivers say and do when proposing sponsorships.

Therefore, you’ll really have an advantage if you can set yourself apart from the crowd.  So, sit down and brainstorm about all of the things that you can offer a sponsor, besides the standard logo placement on your car.  The more great ideas that you can come up with, the bigger the edge you’ll have over everyone else.

Don’t forget to write your ideas down, either.  Just creating a list of all of your unique talents will make you realize how much you have going for you.

Now, that should help to recharge your batteries, and put the old spark back into your search!


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