Parts/Discount Sponsorships

Periodically we are going to need discounts for parts and or parts. If your company could do that for us that could be your sponsorship. You would be agreeing to give us discounts off your products or your products, as we need them. You can set the limit. Read more »

Full Sponsorship

Every season you give us 2,000. This should help us with maintenance and any mishaps that happened through out the season. We’d also love company merchandise such as hats shirts hoodies to wear every weekend at the track. Read more »

any company

have your company name on are racing uniforms, on the hood of are race car. any amount of money or parts will get your name on the car maybe not the hood but somewhere unless big sponcer have your name we’re ever you want and for as long as you [...] Read more »

Primary Sponsorship

This partnership would include the sponsor’s logo on both sides of the kart, the kart stand, helmet, and hero cards. The sponsor could also be featured on merchandise if requested. Each time I reach victory lane or am interviewed, the sponsor will receive free promotion. Read more »


Full Decals on Both sides of car. Facebook and Future Website. Local Tracks Promotions in Mississippi and Louisiana Read more »