Full Decals on Both sides of car. Facebook and Future Website. Local Tracks Promotions in Mississippi and Louisiana Read more »


Full Decals on Both Sides of Car. Facebook and Future Website. Local Tracks in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Local store promotions with car Read more »

Racing into 2020

Short Motorsports is looking to offer 5 companies a chance to partner with us for the 2020 race season. The opportunity includes Logos on the race cars, shirts and a monthly mention on website and social media sites. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact [...] Read more »

looking for sponsers for our team

we are looking for sponsership for our 3 car race team from tires to fuel and other parts, looking for someone to wrap our cars with your company name and logo on them and we also have a 34ft enclosed race trailer that can be wraped also this can be [...] Read more »

Scarborough Racing

We prefer Porsche. There is no substitute. Although that may sound expensive, it is no more costly than any other team’s car. We are building a stable of cars that will catapult us to the top of the circuit quickly. We feel the best way is to have reliable sponsors [...] Read more »