1 race or the entire season

Duration: – More Than 1 Year
Price: $5000

We are a hard working father and son team. Ir you come on board with us your company will be on our car, your colors, your name, We will do appearances’ photos, and autographs. We will be traveling to different tracks ┬áin NY and Penn.

About mandmpii

                                                      MandMP II Racing
                                                       (585) 698-5408
                                             Owner, Crew Chief, Mark Potter
                                     Driver Mark Potter II  born  March 22, 2001
                                Races at Lime RockSpeedwayCaledoniaNew York
                                                  Started racing go karts in 2011
                                           Finished sixth in points rookie season.
                                                     Fourth in points in 2012.
                                               Won track championship in 2013
                            fourth in points and 125,250 micro sprint rookie of the year 2014
                                                     at Lime RockSpeedway            
                                   2014 fall series championship at Paradise Speedway.
                             2015 125/ 250 Sportsman Champion at Lime RockSpeedway.
I had another very successful season in 2015. I set out to win the 125/250 sportsman class championship. And I did that by mid season. I then took the wing of my car and raced against the 450 class finishing in the top 3 almost every week. Racing my 250 powered car against the 450 powered cars was a real challenge, and a whole lot of fun. With the help of my fellow racers I learned a lot about driving my car with out a wing.
I have learned a lot about my race car and what it takes to be a winner.  Sponsorship is a very important part of a successful race team.  For those who were with us last season, I thank you. Without your support, I would not have been able to achieve my goals and have as much fun and success as I did.  I have what it takes to be a winner.  And I have set new goals for 2016.  One of which is to run in the 600 class at Lime Rock Speedway.  I would also like to run some races at other tracks here inNew YorkandPennsylvania.
I am going to need several spare parts, new tires, head and neck restraint. Safety is number one priority.   Without the proper safety equipment, I cannot race.  On top of new equipment and parts, I will need entry fees and fuel, which are higher in this division of the sport.
If you believe that your business will benefit from a personal appearance of my racing team, I will bring my car and set up in front of or inside your business for one 3-hour appearance per season.  If you would like us there more than once, we can do that too.
On average it costs $100.00 per race, and I will be running at least 28 races.  Donations of $200.00 or more will get your company’s name or logo done in custom graphics.  Donations under $200.00 will be put in a special thanks area on the car.  We look forward to working with you in the 2015 season.  A successful season takes hard work and dedication, and I will do whatever it takes to be successful in a professional and sportsman like manner.
M and MP II Racing will represent your business in a professional manner.  I will order custom cut vinyl graphics and will display your logo on both car and hauler. I can also display your company’s banners in my pits. I am willing to pass out flyers, brochures, and other advertising materials that you generate to help get your company name out there.
You can sponsor my entire team for the season for $3,000.00.  You will be my primary sponsor.  I will feature your company colors and logo as well as custom paint my Micro Sprint to match, and I will have shirts made in matching colors.  Your business name will take top billing to  M and MP II Racing.  You will also get several personal appearances throughout the year.
Why do I need a sponsor?  Racing is expensive.  If you want to be competitive, you need more cubic dollars than cubic inches.  Here is a list of some of the items we need and use:

Entry Fees, $53.00 per race at Lime Rock
Used Race Ready 600 Micro Sprint, $7,500.00
Engine rebuild, $800.00 and needs to be adjusted midseason for $275.00.  New engine                                                                                                                 
race prepped is $4,500.00
Hoosier racing tires, $120.00 each
Body with graphics, $400.00 to $1,000.00 each depending on the graphics
Helmets and safety equipment, $300.00 per season
Vehicle and trailer wear, tear, and travel expenses, $60.00 per week

That is just a small sample of the costs and expenses.  But money is not the only reason that we are looking for sponsors.  Working for sponsors teaches me about business and responsibility.  There is a good lesson to be learned here.
Once again, I’d like to thank you for considering my proposal, and I hope you decide to associate your business with my racing team.  I believe that I have a lot to offer you, and I will entertain any other ideas or suggestions that you may have.  Please contact car owner and crew chief,  Mark Potter with any questions at (585) 698-5408 or email at mandmpii@aol.com. 
                                                               Thank You,
                                                           M and MP II Racing