Accessory Sponsor

Duration: – 1 Race – More Than 1 Race – 1 Year – More Than 1 Year
Price: $25

Want your logo on a race car but don’t want the hassle of sizing out custom stickers or figuring out any details?

This will get your branding somewhere on the sides of my car. I’ll figure out how to make it fit.

Just send me two small decals (no larger than 4 inches tall or 4 inches wide) and pay me $25 per race weekend!

About JoshuaJustice

I am a deaf race car driver in Dallas, Texas. I drive the SCCA Spec Racer Ford in races regionally and will travel to a number of Super Tours next year.Sponsorship isn’t just about stickers on the car, that’s only the beginning.
You can come to the track, you can post pictures of my car on social media with your brand on it, and get exposure to a different audience than you ordinarily would.