Duration: – More Than 1 Race
Price: $0-10000

Looking for sponsorship for a legends car. Everything will be negotiable (Price, duration, space on car, etc.)

About MatthewBowen

   My name is Matthew Bowen I am a new Legends car driver. I am 15 years old and started racing karts at the age of 6. I have won three karting championships and over 75 wins. After  running four years in karts I was sponsored to run quarter-midgets and soon after our sponsor ran out of buisness. We continued to run and gained a championship, 11 wins and a National record in quarter-midgets. I am also a member of the four second club, which is a group of the quickest quarter-midget drivers in the world. We decided to move up to Legends cars and have only ran two races. We have a $2000 car and a set of four year old tires on the car. The rest of the cars we run against have $30000 cars and new tires on the car every race. We plan on running this car for 2 years and then, if we recieve funding moving on to run a Late Model.