Car Rebuild

Duration: – 1 Year
Price: $500

Looking for a sponsorship for any of the following areas: New body $1500, set of tires- Hoosier emods $600, complete motor overhaul (blew up last year) $10,000. Minimum sponsorship $500 to get name car for advertising purposes, but any amount will help towards the car rebuild.

About Leitzman2

I have been racing for over 11 years.  Started out with my father as his pit crew and helped him work on cars when I was little. I got in my first car, a Bomber in 2005.  Raced a few years in the Bomber class then moved up to Street Stocks, or Sportsmans under UMP standards. I have had many successful races and had some set backs too.  I have had a few sponsors over the years and many great friends and family that have helped along the way.  With my budget I feel that I am not living up to my full potential I could have if I had some sponosrships to work with helping with the cost.  I have had many second place finishes, but would ultimately like to win a time or many. Please check out my facebook page for videos and results.