Company Branding Opportunity

Duration: – 1 Year
Price: $2500

Title Sponsor:

~ You will receive a 4ft section on both sides of the car, a 2 ft section on the front & rear of the car to display your company brand. (vinyl to be provided by you) Your Company logo will be seen by thousands of potential consumers at the racetrack as well as in transit.


~ Your company image on our Team Speedy Motorsports social media sites including Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus.


~ Your company will be represented at media events, news articles and print ads.


Thank you for your time.



About Team Speedy Motorsports

I finished my 1st season in Time Trial in 2nd place just 5 points out of the lead. The best part is I did it in my stock 2003 Corolla with 160,000 miles on it against all race prepped cars. Imagine what I could do in a race prepared car and with sponsors.