Complete 410 Sprintcar team plus 360s

Duration: – 1 Year
Price: $20000

This is a family owned team who is excited to welcome any and all sizes and types of sponsorship. This team has one driver who runs many 410 and 360 sprintcar events with 3 different cars and another driver who races 360′s. We offer a great sponsorship opportunity with 4 cars, truck and trailer, mule, shirts, and websites ready to present your companies name.

About taskerp

Hello, I am a 22 year old farmer from central Iowa who has grown up in a sprintcar obsessed family.  The family actually bought a sprintcar for my older brother about 12 years ago and I have followed in his footsteps ever since. I jumped straight into a 305 sprintcar when I was 14 with no prior experience other than the farm four wheeler and other equipment.  By the end of the first year I had much success with 3 second place finishes and my first win coming as the highest paid 305 race at the time in Bloomfield, Iowa. Once I was 16 I started racing at Knoxville and after my first win, I became the youngest feature winner ever at the famed Knoxville Raceway.  In 2013 I was named hard charger of the year for the 410 class by passing the most cars throughout the season in the A Feature events. Over the last six years I have raced all three series, 305, 360, and 410 weekly at Knoxville, often racing two series at once.  The team also does as much traveling as possible if the events didn’t interfere with Knoxville.  I am now racing full time in the 410’s and am reaching out so I can take our family owned team to the next level. We would love to travel to more events and are striding to become  a serious contender night in and night out.  We currently fund the team completely on our own with one company providing the graphics and a few others buying a tire here and there.  We would love to welcome your company, no matter what the size, to our team and would do our best to make sure we benefit your company just as much as you benefit our team.  Thank you.