Main Sponsor

Duration: – 1 Year
Price: $2000

This sponsor slot will have the most benifits such as biggest decal and sponsor recognition.

About dvanscyoc

The team is me an my grandfather and a couple close friends. We have a 95 f150 that is going as a sleeper look which grabs the crowds attention even more. The truck will be at almost all the test and tune nights and will be competing in some grudge racing classes as prostreet. We are asking for sponsorship to fund the truck to take it to the next level in bracket racing. There will be alot of expsure to the sponsors because there is an amazng amount of loyal fans to the bracket racing catagories. Also there is alot of fans that go to the test and tune nights where fans can go in the pits and view the cars and truck which is another fourm of exposure for the sponsor.