Multiple spots still open

Duration: – More Than 1 Race
Price: $1000

Package A – Hood
The hood has the largest space on the car. This offers great possibilities for creativity and design. (approximately 50” x 40”) – $7000

Package B – Upper Quarter Panel
This upper quarter panel has the best exposure of any other spot, either on the track or on the trailer. The logo will be on both sides of the car (approximately 10” x 60”) – $8000

Package C – Door
The door is another prime spot, great for maximum exposure. It is visible from both sides, and placed directly in front of the car number. (approximately 30” x 40 “) – $5000

Package D – Rocker Panel
The rocker is the lower skirting of the side of the car. Spanning between the front and rear tires, just below the car number. (approximately 70” long and 8” high) – $3000

Package E – Lower Quarter Panel
The lower quarter panel is great for visibility. On both sides of the car behind the rear tire. (approximately 24” x 12”) – $2000

Package G – Lower Front Bumper
The lower front bumper is on the front corners on both sides of the car is a space that also gets great visibility. Seen on the track or in tow along with any and all photo opportunities. (approximately 16” x 12”) – $1000

Package H – Trunk Lid
The truck lid has lots of room for a clever design. In the past it has been a great tool for charity work or promotional type events. (approximately 24” x 60”) – $1000

About jamesscrapy

James Potter will make his return to racing in the 2017 season. After a ten year absence from the sport, there is no better time than now to get things rolling for the up and coming events
In 1994, James started racing in the Enduro class. He raced two events and realized he wanted to increase his speed. So he moved up to racing street stocks in 1995. 
His first win was in 1997. From 1997 -2000 he had 11 heat race wins and 4 feature wins at Flat Rock Speedway. He finished fourth in street stock B main final standings the last year. In 2001 he moved to the Sportsman division at Toledo Speedway, winning the heat race his first night there.  
 In 2006, he deciding to step away and focus on his family.  Now his children are getting older and his career is in focus, his family decided to return to the Sportsman division for the 2017 season at Toledo Speedway.