New Panels

Duration: – More Than 1 Year
Price: $1000.00

Panels need replaced ever now and then from damage

About ThinBlueLineRacingColorado

Thin Blue Line Racing is a stock car racing team comprised of Law Enforcement Officers. We will be racing in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Texas but our frinds lists reach way further than that.  Our goal is not only to win races but to also build and maintain relationships between Law Enforement and the Public. We know there is alot of support for Law Enforcement right now. We also know there are some bumps and bruises as well. We hope to be able to reach out to schools, go talk to students and bring our cars along. Not often that a race car is seen at a school or public event to raise awareness and we would like to change that. Currently we have 2 IMCA Sport Modifieds and an IMCA Sport Compact. Being affiliated with IMCA also gets us out there more. We hope to not only grow within our state but also to branch out to other stares and have teams in all 50 states. Also would like to expand and support other Law Enforcement racers regardless of thier arena.   THE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ARE JUST A WISH LIST AS ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP US. Ultimately we can use all the support we can get and the list of needs is far greater than what is listed.