Ontario regional racing

Duration: – 1 Race
Price: $500

There is a weekend long event to run in Ontario at Mosport circuit in the Formula Libre (open Formula series). This is an opportunity to present your company logos on a Formula BMW race car.

The car has many spaces available on sidepods and engine cover! The fantastic design of the race car naturally receives attention from spectators and public whether in the paddock or on the race track. A great opportunity for your brand and logo to get noticed!

About atsao

Hello sponsors,
I am Alex. Currently a driver with a private development driver program running a Formula BMW race car participating in regional races in the Ontario/Quebec/Atlantic region.
My goal is to establish myself as a complete driver through this program and progress to other Formula racing series.
With our collaboration, I hope to provide you with a chance to market and present your brand while achieving my objectives in the motorsport arena.