Partial Sponsorship

Duration: – 1 Year
Price: $1000

At the beginning of the season you’d give us 1,000 dollars for the rest of the season, this would go towards maintenance and mishaps as well as a sticker for the car.

About DakotaSpicer

With the unfortunate situation admits us this being a short racing season and after a few miss haps which happens to all race teams we raced 3 feature races where we started in the back of the pack and finished 7th in one and in our first ever feature race 8th. Our most recent race was only two laps and we were unable to progress from our starting position as a really bad accident happened and the red flag was thrown and the race called shortly after. We plan on racing the rest of the season and are in decent standings in points. We are looking for sponsors to help fill up the car with logos and to help pay some racing bills. A little background, I race a 4 cylinder 2009 Pontiac G5 at Putlaw speedway in Dundee NY  It’s our first year as a racing team and we cant wait to get in the winner circle to acknowledge and thank our sponsors.