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About AmberBalcaen10

My name is Amber Balcaen, I am a third-generation race car driver from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My greatest passions in life are racing cars and helping others. I strive on being a positive role model and inspirational figure to females around the world. I am business graduate that has an acute understanding of marketing, given my role in the Motorsports industry. I have never had any family money or financial backing, all of my sponsorship development has been procured though my own efforts. I am diligent to learn what matters most to my sponsors and will always understand the importance of my fans. My goal is to be the first Canadian woman to win a NASCAR Series race. The passion, determination and persistence that I acquire makes me believe that I am well on my way to achieving those dreams. I was the first woman to win a dirt track racing championship in Manitoba. I not only make a statement by being one of the only females in races I attend, but also by the talent I have on the track. I won 75% of my completed races in 2013 and earned the 2014 NOSA Sprint Car Rookie of the year award. I was the only Canadian to compete in the 2014 NASCAR Drive for Diversity Combine and the 2015 Bill McAnally Racing Drivers Expo. I also received my ARCA license at the legendary Daytona International Raceway. My main objective as a racer driver (aside from winning races) is to use NASCAR as a platform to help others reach their full potential and to motivate others to be their best selves. Some ways I currently exude this is through my volunteering efforts, speaking at charity events, social media posts, and interactions with the younger generation at the race tracks. Racing gives me the opportunity to partner with quality brands that promote positive action in communities around the world.Amber Balcaen Racing strives on creating and building long lasting relationships with quality brands.Email for any sponsorship inquiries: