Primary Sponsor

Duration: – 1 Year
Price: $5000

This sponsorship will get you the biggest sticker on our top wing as well as a logo on my firesuit. We will have merchandise and other things we will be snending to this sponsor at no cost!

About NickGoehringRacing

I am a 17 year old up and coming racecar driver. I sarted last year in a micro sprint and had a better than expected first year with 10 tops 10′s and 4 top 5′s in only 12 starts!! We are a very low dollar team so we rely heavilly on sponsors to get us up and down the road. We are running with the Ohio Micro Sprints in 2023 and also plan on racing in central Pennsylvania when we can. If you would like to know more about me, my team, or our cars, or may be interested in sponsoring, Please Email me at or