Pure Stock Sponsor Opportunity

Duration: – More Than 1 Race
Price: $500

Found car, looking to purchase with help of sponsors. Highest paying sponsor will get largest decal on hood, second will get a smaller one on side of car, and so on from there will get smaller. Highest paying sponsor will get rights to have car displayed at company, and will work like the decals. Highest paying sponsor gets first choice, and so on from there. You will have logo on car at every race, but number of races are not determined.

About TSRacing1113

My name is Brennen Bridges, I am a 16 year old from Lebanon, Indiana. Racing has been a dream of mine since I was young. I would watch races, and always thought of how cool it would be to drive a race car. Now, I have found a car, but am searching for sponsors. I am a dedicated, and very determined person, and will do whatever is needed. I have never raced before, but know a few people who do. The tracks I plan on racing at if I can get sponsors, and enough funds from them to get car, the tracks I would be at are Brownstown Speedway, Twin Cities Raceway Park, and Kokomo Speedway. Thanks for checking me out!