Right Quarter Panel

Duration: – 1 Race
Price: $2000

Should you choose to sponsor me you could receive a sizeable decal on the right rear quarter panel. The car will be left in the infield for race night for all fans to see as the test is in the morning and mid afternoon. Total fee is 2000 but any help would be greatly appreciated.

About joshrussen

My name is Josh Russen. I started racing when I was 11 but my passsion for racing started long before that. I went to my first race at tioga speedway in New York when I was just 4 days old. I always loved being out in the garage with my uncle when I was young. Once I was finally old enough I started working on the car and thats when I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. I got my first go kart when I was 11 and ove the next 5 years I would collect 2 track championships and wins at many tracks throughout New York and Nothern Pennsylvania. Starting in 2016 I shifted to more of a crew chief role to learn more about the setup side of racing. I also ran several races in microsprints at Starlite Speedway in New York to learn better car control with a powerful lightweight car. My driver ended up seond in overall points at Chemung Speedrome in New York and I learned so much about racecars over the last year as a crew chief. I am currenty enrolled at Ohio Technical College in Cleveland in the High Peformance Racing Technology program. This will teach me more about not only the mechnaical side of racing but the physical side as well. Such as why each part does what it does and how to make it more efficient. Also I am learning the business aspect of the sport as well with Motorsports Marketing. I am hoping that with everything that I have learned throughout my career will help me with my career moving forward. I have the opportunity now I just need the funds. I know there are good people out there and now is the time to find them. If I can succeed in this then I know that I can go to the top and be the best. Thank you for all your support and hopefully great things are to come.