Scarborough Racing

Duration: – More Than 1 Year
Price: $240000

We prefer Porsche. There is no substitute. Although that may sound expensive, it is no more costly than any other team’s car. We are building a stable of cars that will catapult us to the top of the circuit quickly. We feel the best way is to have reliable sponsors that share our vision for success. Complete and consistent branding with family friendly fun is the cornerstone.
The most valuable parts of this venture are the content and exposure. We offer a custom, specially tailored chance for your brand to enjoy high-engagement and long-form interaction with prospects. The car and shop will be wired to constantly record audio and video. That content then can be edited to showcase and highlight any product or brand you wish. We can also offer a family friendly web series that will inspire additional interest in your company. It is almost 2020, so you need to be innovative. We are the team that understands that.
Your sponsorship will get you branding on all vehicles and gear. We will also be open to meet and great functions at any corporate events you may have. Scarborough Racing would like to double down on your exposure by having live streaming during races. Live feed on social media in the racecar is proving to gain millennial viewers (Twitter Live and NASCAR).
Feel free to contact me with any questions and discuss your needs so we can provide additional economical value to this relationship.