Duration: – 1 Year – More Than 1 Year
Price: $250

Logo will be put on my car for all of next year. The cheapest will be $250 for a 9″ by 1″. $500 for 14″ by 5″. $1000 for full side of car and I will wear your companies hat and shirt while at the races!

About Jakekarklin

Hi! I’m Jake Karklin and im currently racing outlaw karts in North Carolina. I am 17 years old and have a job at Longview country club making 10$/hr. I raced 7 races this year and next season I hope to race a full season at millbridge speedway. So far I saved up to buy a brand new outlaw kart from ske karts this summer. In order for me to fulfill my dream I am going to need as much help as possible as I am also going to community college full time studying Mechanical Engineering. Any contributions would be much appreciative and fully acknowledgable as I expect to put your name on my outlaw kart! Thank you for taking time to read this and helping me further my racing career!