Sponsor the Winning 42 Kart!

Duration: – More Than 1 Race
Price: $800

Put your company on the nose of our race-winning kart. Your company will be exposed to many of the drivers, teams, and spectators who show up to races each and every week. Your sponsorship pays for crucial racing needs such as, tires, fuel, parts, equipment, and much, much, more! Join me, and my team, on our journey to the top!

About Hunskey

I am a 17 year old WKA sprint kart driver based out of Westport, CT. I have 3+ Years of physical driving experience, countless hours on sims like iRacing, Nascar Racing 2003, RFactor, etc, and more than 3 extra years in the racing industry pitting cars. In my career, I’ve picked up a 2015 rookie of the year award, Over 15 Wins, and a second place championship finish in 2016.  Join me, and my journey to the top!