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Duration: – 1 Race
Price: $500.00

Neves Racing Team is open to discussing any combination of opportunities. Listed below are a variety of ways NRT & Craig Neves can promote and benefit your brand for the 2017 Racing Season. The Packages below are a baseline for what we can offer and are no way set in stone. We can tailor a package to best fit your advertising needs and price range.

About NevesRacingTeam

I have been around racing, building, crewing for, and driving racecars with my Dad and various other drivers, since I was 3 years old. My Dad passed away in 1994 and I got away from racing. After a few years I decided to pursue my passion once again.
In 2001, I graduated from the Cale Yarborough Executive Racing School @ USA International Speedway in Lakeland, FL, with Head Instructors, David Reutimann & Lee Faulk. I set fast lap time at every level that I competed. Later that year, I was invited back for the Student Race held at the end of the every school year. At this event, I set fast time once again, and won the race. In total, I’ve ran over 350 laps at USA International Speedway in a Late Model Stock Car with fast, consistence lap times.
In 2002, I quit my job and moved from Oregon to North Carolina without the promise of employment to chase my dream of becoming a Professional Stock Car Driver.  After a year and a half in North Carolina, I was unable to secure the financial backing needed to continue my pursuit; however I did gain some great experience in the process. I was able to test various types of racecars at multiple tracks on the East Coast and was also hired as a Volunteer Driving Instructor at the Thunder Motorsports Baby Grand Stock Car Experience in Ripley, WV.
Now in 2016, I work in the Operations Department of a Community Bank here in Vancouver, WA. I am married to my beautiful Wife, Jennifer and we have two beautiful Daughters.  I am at a position in life to pursue that dream again but on a more affordable scale and I am seeking your partnership in this effort. I am a self-motivated, goal-oriented achiever who is clean-cut, articulate, and will make a great spokesman and ambassador for your Brand.