Duration: – More Than 1 Race
Price: $100.

Connor Carrell Racing
7757 Cedar Glen Way
Middletown Ohio 45042
Tax ID: 85-1748074

CCR Sponsorship Proposal Form

Please Remit Payment to:
Connor Carrell Racing
7757 Cedar Glen Way
Middletown Ohio 45042

The Connor Carrell Team shall be actively participating in as many Sport Mod races as possible in 2021. The Team will carry your company logos all the way to success. You shall have great exposure not only on the racetrack but also on the road as the trailers shall also carry your logos. It is generally recognized that track cars and race events have attracted a wide range of viewers and race car enthusiasts. So, sponsor Connor Carrell Racing and help us to help you!

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Passenger Side – $500.00 Driver Side – $300.00

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Passenger Side – $500.00 Driver Side – $300.00

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Passenger Side – $600.00 Driver Side – $400.00

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CCRConnor Carrell Racing7757 Cedar Glen Way Middletown Ohio 45042Tax ID: 85-1748074
CCR Sponsorship Proposal
Dear Prospective Sponsor
First, we would like to thank you for giving our team the opportunity to present you with this sponsorship proposal outlining our goals for the 2021 race season and beyond…Advertising in motor sport has proven itself time and again as a successful and enjoyable investment in many businesses across the country and around the world.
We would like you to consider sponsorship of our race team for the 2021 season and beyond.
Connor Carrell Racing started in 2013. Racing go-karts across multiple states and made the move to Sport Mods in 2020 along with karting.
We are set up as a professional race team ready to compete at the highest level of racing in Southwest Ohio region, particularly at races to be held at local dirt tracks.
The primary objective of CCR is to focus on the knowledge and dedication of its members of our Team. The emphasis at Connor Carrel Racing is simple…winning! We aim to finish every race in the number one position, not only on the track, but off as well. As a sponsor we invite you to be there with us on our journey and share the thrill of CCR. Be a part of our team and be seen.
DRIVER:Connor Carrell is a dedicated and motivated driver, with a passion for racing. Connor has raced for over 8 years and has participated in multiple series and classes, at indoor and outdoor dirt tracks year-round. His skills and knowledge have improved along the way earing his respect with fellow racers and track owners. Connor has been hired to drive for other teams, while his extensive knowledge of tires and motors have earned him a name in the karting industry. Connors most recent acceptance into the Butler Tech Precision Machining program will help further his academic and racing career.
Best Regards,
Driver Team                       Manager Crew                      Chief Tech           Connor Carrell                   Jennifer Carrell                     Chuck Carrell         Farmkart199@gmail.com  jencarrrell@gmail.com          513-594-0224 
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