Start New in 2016

Duration: – 1 Year
Price: $200

Looking to promote other business and websites wanting a larger consumer base. Using a positive promotional approach I can increase your clientele activity. You will have a reserved spot on the late model for advertisement. We can discuss other ideas I have for at the track/public events to entice people to your service.

About jusdruss

My yearly profession is a music educator! Yet I have always been a race car enthusiast since the womb. I grew up around racing, and have had the opportunity to build, maintain, and drive a variety of dirt race cars. I have a descent level of education because of chassis schools, and quick decision abilities from much training that make me a great driver. In 2015 I started driving a crate late model and tested all summer. Some of my personal motto’s are “perfect practice makes a perfect performance” and  ”Drive smart and you save more parts!”  These philosphies drive me to perfection, therefore I wanted to study my driving habits and gain the control I would need to be successful in 2016. This was the best choice for someone who has not been in a race car before. This coming season I am ready to perform at my peak level. I am now actively seeking sponsors who wish to pursue a positive working environment with my team.