Suit and helmet

Duration: – 1 Year
Price: $550

Your logo of business on my suit and helmet

About JamesEllenberger92

 Hey sponsors, my name is James. When I was about 5 I always watched nascar with my dad as I was growing up dreaming to be on the same podium. Since then I’ve been wanting to race somewhere, anywhere. And so my dad eventually brought me into gokart dirt track racing when i was 9. We built the kart together and it wasn’t the best thing out there but we made it work. I did box stock class for 4 years and the last 2 years of that i drove a second kart for super stock. I won a hand full of races with box stock and another decent handful with super stock including a track championship. We always raced with our family name and didn’t have sponsors. On from that I wanted to try somthing new so I ended up racing on asphalt circuits for a good number of years. I won 6 track championships and also competed the KART series in Tulsa and Denton for a 5th place and 4th place in the sprint national championships. I raced a few more years but me and my dad are not able to fully support my racing, which is why I’m here looking for a sponsor/’s to take US to the next level. I’m level headed and open minded for what you have to offer. Im willing to understand what you need and I will wear your t-shirts, hats, use your product, promote your business. I’m looking for a serious partnership so let’s partner up and together we can make a big statement on the competition. Feel free to ask any questions. contact me on email