Sunseeker Fundraising

Duration: – More Than 1 Year
Price: $1000

The American Solar Challenge will take place on July 30 to August 6, from Brecksville, Ohio to Hot Springs, South Dakota. We are raising funds for the competition. We still need total of $80,000 to complete the car and pay the expenses in the race trip.

About WMUSunseeker

The history of our team goes back to 1990, when a group of students from Western Michigan University set out to design, build, and compete with the first Sunseeker solar car. Their goal: to enhance our understanding of renewable energy and to make renewable energy sources more viable for powering the future. This same goal is in mind when the current generation of Sunseekers sets out to do the same. We have participated in all of the American Solar Challenge races since they began over 20 years ago. Throughout the years, we have rayced with various cars, all of which have been designed and built by students at Western Michigan University.