Tate Racing

Duration: – More Than 1 Year
Price: $0

For your sponsored donation, you get advertising on my team car as we travel to smaller racing venues where racing fans are not as likely to be exposed to you company name. I am willing to advertise you company logo and name on my race car and personal truck or trailer on or off the track.

About mtate32

I used to street as well as drag race prior to me joining the Army in 1995 out of Las Vegas NV. I had given up my racing career to persue my military career. Now that I am retired I am looking to get back into the seat again. I have already bought a 63 Ford Falcon to build, it currently has a 1972 SB 302ci, mated to mid 80″s C4 AOD, I still have the stock rearend but it will be replaced by a 4 link fitted with a 9″ and 3:73 gears. My engine plans are to build a 351 until I can get enough money saved to go with a BB 531ci, custom trans, and an upgraded 9″. My wife and daughter are supporting my drive to race again and this has become a bit of a family affair of going to our local speedway and watching. This sparked my need for speed if you will and that began my search for a car that would be light enough to build to be competitve enough to WIN more consistantly.