Tire Sponsor

Duration: – More Than 1 Race
Price: $500

We will be going through tires about one set per two races, give or take. We would like to have two sets on hand, one on the car and one as a backup. We are looking at the Falken Azenis RT416k+ for our tires in the 215/45/r17 size which are about $125 per tire. All we are asking is for the tires to be covered and we will handle the taxes and other fees to go with. In return, we will place a 4″ tall sticker on each side of the car.

About Mongo1972

Team DadBod is a Budget Endurance Racing team based out of Pearland, TX.  We have a 1992 Ford Probe GT that we own and are currently getting dialed in for the racing season.  We are looking for sponsors for the 2019 season.  We are looking at participating in not only the 24 Hours of Lemons but branching of into the Champ Car series with monthly Autocross trials mixed in.

We have listed a few things that we would like but we would be more than happy to custom make a package if needed.  Please let us know

Alfred Lentz, Team DadBod