Duration: – More Than 1 Year
Price: $1

We are currently looking for sponsors to help us put together a Rig for the 2018 Smittybuilt Every Man Challenge. We have a Tire sponsor already and are looking for a set of beadlock wheels to mount them on for the race.

About GearMonkeyRacing

We will be racing in the King of the Hammers 2018, We aren’t just building a vehicle over the course of the year! We will be building a race vehicle in just 10 days, just weeks before the race. Along side the build we will also be documenting this adventure and creating a short film and documentary, giving you a better understanding of the sport and the dedication that goes into it!  With the help of friends and family, along with the help of some amazing photographers and videographers we plan to make this a memorable and worth while experience for everyone involved.