Make Your Workplace Work for You

Millions of people work at jobs they dislike.  Some can’t find anything better, some are putting themselves through school, and others are waiting for their big breaks in their chosen fields.  That last scenario, of course, is common to entertainers, such as actors, comedians, and musicians – oh yes, and racecar drivers!

Indeed, if you’re a driver, you are an entertainer.  However, even if you’re doing something you are not crazy about, don’t be a disgruntled employee.  With the right attitude, you may be able to incorporate your passion for racing with your job, while finding a sponsor as well!

Certainly, you don’t want to seem too pre-occupied with racing to focus on your work; but there’s nothing wrong with sharing your enthusiasm about it.  Furthermore, give interested co-workers the chance to see you in action, by letting them know when and where you’ll be racing.

Invite the boss, too; and, if possible, provide some tickets, or – better yet – pit passes.  If you’re in good with the track personnel, you may even be able to get an announcement welcoming your company to the event.  After getting caught up in the excitement, and seeing the advertising potential, your boss may decide that a sponsorship is a worthwhile investment.

Just make sure that you’ve sufficiently proven that you can be a spectacular representative of the company inside, and out of, the workplace.  Then, you may get not only a sponsor, but a very gruntled boss.

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