Never Shatter Your Professional Image

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Although social media can help you to find a racecar sponsor, it can also hurt your chances if you’re careless.  Facebook, for example, is fast becoming notorious for being the instrument of more than one infamous misstep.

So, beginning with the basics, remember that your racing career is a business, and must be portrayed as such.  Therefore, it needs its own forum, and should never be a part of your personal page.  This is especially crucial if it contains political or off-color posts.  In fact, even if there’s nothing on your page that you think is offensive, you never know what’s going to influence someone else.

Truly, something as simple as your party affiliations, or even your favorite sports team, can make a difference.  On top of that, if you – or your friends – do post vulgar material, including jokes or pictures, or photos of you partying and drinking, those could be deal-breakers.  Naturally, pretending to be someone you’re not – or vice versa – isn’t a good idea, either.

Just be sure that you’re thoroughly professional at all times.  That, of course, includes your profile, which is the all-important first component of your page.  It’s what establishes you as a serious contender, and defines your persona.  So, don’t just hurriedly type out a bunch of thoughts off the top of your head.

Sure, it’s okay to write down all of those random thoughts; but put them on paper, just to give yourself an idea of where to start.  Then, think everything through, and write up a profile that’s polished.  Then, once you’ve presented yourself as the consummate pro, don’t do – or post – anything to shatter that image!

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