There’s Strength in Numbers

Racecar Drivers

While many consider racing to be an individual sport, every driver needs a crew – and a sponsor.  In fact, one reason why it’s so hard to find the latter is that everyone is targeting the same prospects; and the competition can get just as nasty as it can on the track.

So, maybe there’s a way to end some of the tension and underhandedness.  It’s an idea that’s based on the common practice of one company sponsoring a multi-car team.  Sponsors benefit greatly from this, as it increases their visibility, across venues, and in different series, even if one or more car or driver is sidelined.

Okay, sure, that’s great for the big, professional multi-car teams that race in NASCAR series, for example.  However, since there aren’t many of those at local tracks, you may be wondering how this suggestion pertains to you.  Well, who’s to say that a bunch of drivers, though opponents on the track, can’t unite for a cause that will benefit all of them and a sponsor?

It may sound unconventional (‘cause it IS), but it can work.  Try getting together with a group of drivers and settling on something that you’re all going to need throughout the season.  Then, approach a local provider of said product/service, and propose that you all get it for free, or at a discount, in exchange for giving their logo a quarter-panel on each of your cars.

This can be a very tempting offer to a business owner, as it’s fraught with possibilities; and it may even spark the interest of other potential sponsors.  After all, as they say, there’s strength in numbers!

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