Think Big!

Big Sponsors

While searching for a racecar sponsor, your feelings may range from frustration, to hopefulness, to happiness (when you’ve finally landed one). However, if you’re spinning your wheels, while others are racing around with impressive company names on their cars, you may also experience a twinge of envy.

That’s understandable, particularly when they seem to have all of the money and equipment that they need – but nowhere near the racing skills that you have! So, how do you get those big-name sponsors? Well, like most drivers, you probably started out approaching local businesses that you’ve steadily patronized, or where you know the owners. There’s nothing wrong with that; but it’s important that you start to reach further.

No matter what stage your racing career is in, don’t be afraid to approach larger companies with which you have no relationship. Stop wishing that you could partner with Biggie Corp., and go for it! Even if it’s a national chain, go in and start establishing a connection.

Introduce yourself to the manager, and give some information about yourself; but, mainly, talk about how you can help the company to get more local exposure. If possible, provide the manager (and family, perhaps) with tickets to see you race.

Remember, you have nothing to lose. The worst that can happen, if you ask, is that you get turned down. On the other hand, the worst that can happen, if you don’t ask, is that you’ll be even more envious next season, when one of those other cars is racing around with the Biggie Corp. logo on it!

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